Case study:
Trifecta, Inc.

Trifecta’s vision is to completely reimagine how people eat by delivering healthy, organic meals to customers nationwide.


They have been incredibly successful. Trifecta, Inc. targets affluent, busy, results-oriented consumers. The business has no inventory, no fixed assets and no receivables. And what they do have is a strong momentum with a healthy monthly growth in subscribers since the very beginning.
What made Trifecta so attractive?

Speed to Scale

Speed to scale has been driven by influencer marketing and sophisticated digital strategies.

100% Coverage

With 100% Zone 1 delivery coverage, Trifecta has a nationwide customer base.

Customer Value

Customer acquisition cost is approximately $102 and average customer value is $1,153.

A subscription model with incredible metrics:
Jan-21 Run-rate revenue
'18-20' revenue Growth cAGR
current subscribers
weekly Subscriber retention
cash flow starting january 2021
LTv/cac ratio
outside capital raised
Trifecta needs less than 45,000 subscribers to exceed $200M in Sales.
And Trifecta has an evenly distributed national footprint, reaching customers all across the country.

Trifecta delivers ready to eat meals with organic never-frozen ingredients, whole foods, and easy to track macros.

See Trifecta in action at

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